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It’s been another marvelous week of organising. It suddenly occurred to me this morning that, after having spoken to clients and colleagues, there is the same response from most of them. There is a sense of shame and embarrassment when talking about their spaces at home and work.

“Ooh! don’t look at my desk, it’s such a mess” “I’m sure this is the worst room you have ever seen” “I bet you don’t know where to start” It’s like I’m the tidy police with my clipboard and judgement card, coming to tell you how disorganised you are.

Well, I just want to clear a few things up for all you wonderful people out there, potential clients, those who feel ashamed about their space, and my friends and colleagues as well. I don’t see a space and think anything of you at all.

All the clients I have ever had have been amazing people, with businesses and families and delightful children.

That’s who I see, the family and the drawings your little ones bring home with pride, the family heirlooms that you treasure which show you hold your family dear; the toys that mean you think of your little ones every time you are away from them and think, “Ahh yes! she will love this” (I’m the same with chocolate and treats for my fiancé and he says it’s going to make him fat – I can’t help it; it’s a gesture of love) and the paperwork from the bills and information we keep in case we may need them in future.

I see that you have grown as people, faster than your space is able to keep up with. Minutes turn into days turning into weeks and months and while you are getting up and making most of every day, sometimes the material objects in our lives stay as they were, having once been useful, perhaps no longer and you turn around and think – how did I end up here?

It’s life and it happens to everyone! Everyone also has different levels of chaos management and that’s what is so fabulous about being human; we are set to cope with pretty much anything!

So don’t feel ashamed, don’t apologize, I’m not here to judge, and don’t feel guilty when my eyes light up and I hop around wildly when I see your space for the first time, I LOVE WHAT I DO, because when I see your space, I see the potential, the end result, the calm you feel, the smile on your face, the happiness in your heart, that you will make it through this too.

All I want is to help you love your space and know that it’s ok to have a little bit of chaos every now and again.

On that note, I need to do my bathroom cupboards…. they are driving me dilly!

Have a beautiful weekend organisers!

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