Yay! let’s talk ORGANISING!

Finally, after a very busy and happy two weeks, I have managed to come up for air and am so delighted to finally be able to start my blog!

If you have met me, or know me, you will relate well to my posts as they will no doubt be full of excitement and happiness. And for all those who haven’t, I hope you will get to know me and begin to understand my funny-isms!!

It’s been the most wonderful adventure, educating and explaining what we do at Oh So Organised! For South Africa and specifically Durban, Professional Organising is somewhat an unknown, which is totally FABULOUS because when I do get to share what we do and the benefits of our services everyone ALWAYS responds with ‘Oh we need you in our life!’ Which just makes my heart sing!

I love that we can help and support our clients and that it doesn’t just have to be the one session, that they know they can call on us.
“Family are coming to visit and we are swamped, can you come and help us out?”
Of course!! That’s what we are here for!

We are also having a great time, educating. That it’s OKAY to be a bit disorganized from time to time in life, be it at work or at home. Nowadays life is filled with work and family and friends and responsibilities. We often look back, Gasp! Where did the month go!? Now, admidst all of that going on, we must also find time to go through our belongings and decide what we need and don’t need and where the best place to store them is and how to keep them….. Unlikely!

And, of course, I LOVE it. Being able to say to my client “It will be done and you won’t have to deal with the chaos any longer”. It’s just fabulous in every way!

So in closing on my very first blog post, I do hope that I can post hints and tips that I come across that you may find helpful in getting yourself Oh So Organised (hee hee) like my client on Thursday who cling-wrapped all her archiving, instead of the usual archive boxes, BRILLIANT- they stack beautifully AND its super cost-effective!!!

Please also feel free to send me your suggestions and comments! Every day is a school day and it’s great to hear new ideas!

Have a super week!

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