How much do you value your mental & physical well-being ?

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How much do you value your mental and physical well-being? We spend money each month to protect ourselves from any potential life disaster that may befall us; life insurance to look after our loved ones; income protection in case we are ill.

We visit life coaches or therapists or any other kind of medical practitioner so that we can uncover and focus on our potential within, to be able to flourish.

In business we have coaches, who hold us accountable for our numbers and motivate us to move forward and focus on the areas that will be most beneficial to us to help us grow.

That’s where Professional Organisers come in – how much value do you place on your surroundings around you? Countless research and studies have been done and prove that your space has a direct impact on you as a person, your emotional well-being and your mood and your productivity.

In business, we strive to put procedures in place to create organization and seamlessness; planning and preparing so that we may remain stress-free and achieve our goals.

At home, we plot our weeks to make sure we can attend to all matters. Interior designers have even pin pointed specific colours that enhance or improve our mood.

The thing is you don’t know what you don’t know until you know!

Just like going to a nutritionist to give you advice to improve your health, Professional Organisers look at a space from a productivity and a use of the space perspective. Perhaps your space works: it’s neat.

Perhaps you don’t even know what potential your space has, just because you have never considered another perspective.

So, when we hear potential clients say, ‘Oh no I don’t want you to see my space’ just think of the incredible possibilities your space may have that you are missing out on.

We don’t make you throw your things away, you make that decision all on your own. We suggest cost-effective, long term solutions to make your life easier.

What if you are storing items that you use every day in a place hard to reach which frustrates you every time you try to get to them. Think of the reduced frustration of having them in an easily accessible place.

We all know how something silly like things falling out of the cupboard and spilling on the floor can infuriate you when you are already late and possibly it puts you in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

Research has also shown that stress is the number one killer in society today and it comes in all forms! Being late because something fell out the cupboard and you had to tidy it up is a stress trigger.

As professional Organisers, our aim is to make your space stream-lined and organised so that it improves your productivity and reduces anxiety.

Sometimes it’s a case of moving a few things around and working out what you want from the space. ‘I have no space to work at my desk’ well, then let’s move everything that you don’t need on a daily basis to GIVE you the space to function better.

Perhaps you need more of something to maximize the space you have. ‘I don’t have enough space to keep all my things organised so they just make a mess’ – chances are there is something in the space that we can work on to improve the organization, perhaps how things are stored or where.

Just like a Chiropracter is going to look at your office from an ergonomic perspective, to improve your space to account for your body and muscles, Professional Organisers look at your space and how it affects your mind.

Do you want to reduce stress and increase your mood and productivity? Imagine having a space in your life organised, so that it’s no longer on your to-do list in the back of your mind?

Imagine what other magical things you can achieve without having it to weigh you down. Have a Professional organiser come and give suggestions and inspire you to LOVE your space around you.

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