We have the most wonderful news this month!

I have received the best birthday present! We officially have a branch in Somerset West, and she will be servicing Gordon’s Bay, Stellenbosch, Cape Town and the Southern Suburbs!

Please welcome our newest lady boss, Kalinka Wantenaar!

Here is a little about our newest organiser:

After completing her B.Com Honors degree in Labor relations at the North-West University (Pukke), she moved to Johannesburg, bright- eyed and eager to work as an HR professional. After 10 years in a corporate environment, working for some of South Africa’s top employers, she relocated to Somerset West with her family to pursue another life-long passion and new venture as a Professional Organiser.

The years spent in the corporate environment as an HR professional have taught Kalinka the skills to work with a variety of people and personalities. Managing projects and her natural ability to organise events and spaces, equips Kalinka with all the necessary skills to start her new career as a professional organiser.

When Kalinka is not busy decluttering and organising homes and offices, she loves spending time with her family exploring their beautiful new hometown.

Kalinka wishes to transfer her organising skills to her clients by helping them to create happy and organised homes and offices.

If you haven’t met our fabulous Julia, then here is a bit about her…

Hi All, my name is Julia and I am a Professional Organiser. I could say that my love for all things Interior – Space Planning / Organisation and Design started when I was at Boarding School.

Apart from an inspirational Home Economics teacher, it definitely teaches you how to fit as much as possible into a small boarding room without making it feel cluttered and disorganised. I think I’ve come a long way since then and now embrace my passion for all things Organised or, rather Disorganised Clutter.

I’ve had experience in interior design, office furniture, space planning offices, designing layouts, travelling internationally to gain more experience, Country Clubs, New York living, running a showroom & managing a KZN sales team to Recruitment in JHB. My extensive experience has taught me about the consumer, how to arrange a space to best suit its function, how to create a system that is sustainable, how important feeling comfortable is in your HOME and of course, how passionate I am about what it is that I now do professionally.

Apart from organising others lives, I am very family orientated and love to socialise with friends – who doesn’t love a glass of wine? My 3 boys rule my life (hubby and 2 fur babies), and although they don’t all follow my OCD nature, we find a perfect balance together.

And then there is me! Gosh I feel so honored to have two marvelous ladies who share in my joy of organising spaces. Very often my clients laugh when I jump up and down and say things like ‘oohhh! I’m so excited. I can’t wait to get stuck in’. Maybe we are mad but it’s wonderful to be mad together.

I completed my degree in 2009 while working in the Recruitment industry as a Recruiter & Office Coordinator. I left for Spain to join the yachting industry for six months to save money to buy myself a Chanel handbag (I was young & materialistic – what can I say?). I returned 6 years later, with no Chanel Bag, but a suitcase of memories & life lessons.

Over those six years I worked my way up the ladder & finally left yachting as a Chief Stewardess. I returned to South Africa at the end of 2015 to start my own business as a Professional Organiser.

I gained all the skills that I use as a Professional Organiser over the six years, working in confined spaces and having to provision & organise perishables for allotted periods of time & making sure we were prepared for any circumstances.

I have also worked with many different cultures & people which enables me to adapt my services to my clients.

I totally LOVE my job & find great enjoyment in helping others organise themselves. It is a truly rewarding task to de-clutter and organise a space whether it be as small as a closet or a whole house or office. One client messaged me to say she keeps popping her head into the room to look at the space because it’s so beautiful – how amazing is that?

While I am not driving my family mad trying to organize their spaces, I love running and spending time with my husband. We both love travelling and so that motivates us to achieve our goals.

So, if you know of anyone in the Cape Town area who needs an extra pair of hands or so advice on organising, you will find our details on our Instagram & Facebook Pages and our website.

Happy Organising!