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Living in the dark. Coping with load shedding!

In preparation for the impending restart or surprise visit of Load Shedding, we did a little bit of homework for you. Did you have electricity last night? Did yours go off when it was supposed to? The loadshedding schedule isn’t accurate? The traffic was so bad because all the robots were out! I bet you […]


Hi Organisers. Can you believe it’s April already! Where has the time gone?! Before the month whizzes past, I wanted to touch on a very prominent and current topic of conversation – Recycling. The images on social media are circulating at an alarming rate with horrid images of animals and the landscape being affected by […]

A few words from Julia in Johannesburg

We are DELIGHTED to have Julia to join the Oh So Organised Family, we asked her to tell us a bit about her… Enjoy! My love for all things Interior / Space Planning / Organisation and Design orientated started when I was in High School. Back then we did Home Economics as a subject and […]

Drowning in kids toys?

I have had so much fun over the last few weeks, returning to my child mind, by working with a few of my clients and assisting them in organizing their kids’ toys. One of my clients laughed with me when she said, “I feel sorry for your children; they are going to have no toys!” […]

Everyone needs a helping hand!

It’s been another marvelous week of organising. It suddenly occurred to me this morning that, after having spoken to clients and colleagues, there is the same response from most of them. There is a sense of shame and embarrassment when talking about their spaces at home and work. “Ooh! don’t look at my desk, it’s […]

Yay! let’s talk ORGANISING!

Finally, after a very busy and happy two weeks, I have managed to come up for air and am so delighted to finally be able to start my blog! If you have met me, or know me, you will relate well to my posts as they will no doubt be full of excitement and happiness. […]